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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I upload matches?
A: It should happen automatically. BB2Replayer should find your BB2 directory and make sure all games you've played are on the server.

Q: How do I find my match?
A: Start by selecting your league, then your competition within that league, and then you will see all available matches on your right-hand side.

Q: How do I create a match report?
A: Right-click on any match and choose "Match report". This will take you to the "Get report URL" window with a clickable link.

Q: How do I create competition reports?
A: Right-click on any competition, and you have several reports to choose from.

Q: How do I create team reports?
A: Right-click on any team and choose team report.

Q: How do I look at a match in the replay viewer?
A: Double-click any match, or right-click the match and choose "Open in replay viewer".

Q: How do I look at the luck analysis window?
A: Right-click on any match and choose "Open match in luck analyzer", or alternatively, double-click an event from the replay viewer.

Q: My league isn't here, why!?
A: From the main window, choose "Manage leagues" or press Ctrl+M to open the league subscription window. You should find your league there, if any replays have been uploaded.

Q: There are so many events in the replay viewer, how do I go to a specific one?
A: You can press Ctrl+g to go to the event box, type in the number of event you wish to see, and press enter.


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