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BB2 Replayer is a Windows application that imports replay files from Blood Bowl 2. It attempts to parse them, analyze them, and present data to users both in the application and in the form of web reports that can be embedded in various forums and such. It is very much a work in progress, and all feedback is appreciated.

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Released 1.2.7.

Thanks to Dan Corder for adding some performance enhancements for processing larger leagues and the ability to shutdown gracefully in the middle of processing a large number of replays.


Released 1.2.6, fixed fireball hit chance luck being awarded to the wrong player.


Released 1.2.5, another optional update which adds the option to set the maximum number of parallel processing jobs. The default is now 4, which is a bit more conservative than it used to be. This can be changed from the settings menu.


Released 1.2.4, an optional update which adds option to disable automatic discovery of local replays.


Released 1.2.3, which will now be the new minimum version to upload reports.

Unfortunately, Cabalvision Official League support will now end (League 1). This is because server space is expensive, and COL takes up an unproportional amount of that space. Additionally, games are typically not played in round-robin-style competitions, which is really the intended usage for BB2Replayer. You can still manually open replays from COL (or from anywhere for that matter), but these will no longer be synchronized with the server. I make absolutely no money from this, and pay for the server out of my own pocket, hence this decision. My apologies for the inconvenience.


Released 1.2.2.

Understrength block after re-roll luck fix


Released 1.2.1.

Fixed wrong KO recovery luck (for real this time :D)


Released 1.2.0.

Fixed several user-reported bugs.


Some server updates today, both on the actual server code and RAM for the virtual machine. You should hopefully experience faster syncing.


Released 1.1.6.

KO recovery luck events were assigned to the wrong team! Thanks for the bug report, Matteo.


Released 1.1.4.

Bugfix release related to some admin results not parsing properly.


Released 1.1.3.

Increased TCP timeout from 90 to 300 seconds, since 90 was too short with some large databases.


Released 1.1.2.

Catching exceptions that may occur when loading files.


Released 1.1.1.

Attempt to fix an issue where some users couldn't start the application by installing more dependencies.


Released 1.1.0.

Reworked web reports a bit. Only top 3 per category, and luck is now relative for each match (your luck minus your match opponent's luck), which makes more sense for most cases. Removed a few Hall of Fame categories that made little sense and introduced "Overcoming Adversity" award which rewards the toughest win despite what Nuffle's throwing your way.

Added the option of creating admin'ed results in competitions.


Patch release 1.0.3. Fixed a bug where web reports would not work properly if a player or team name contained double quotes.


Patch release 1.0.2. Fixed a visual bug with block icons being flipped in the replay viewer, as well as sometimes unresponsive playback buttons during playback. Again, this is a non-essential update over 1.0.0, but update if these issues annoy you.


Patch release 1.0.1 is out. There was an issue where double-clicking on matches no longer opened the replay viewer. This is a non-essential update over 1.0.0, but if this one issue bugs you, grab it.


BB2Replayer 1.0.0 released!

There are a bunch of of fixes, improvements and new features in this one, but the headline is full analysis of match events and luck statistics associated with each match and competition.

I realize that All Things Nuffle are potentially controversial topics, and so I present my luck analysis with some trepidation. I can only assure you that I have no particular agenda, and that I have tried to give a fair representation of match luck. Instead of simply averaging "how high numbers you get on your dice rolls", I've made an effort to calculate chances of success for each roll, and assign a score based on whether that roll was successful or not. The reason for this is that I do not feel that it matters whether you roll 1, 2, 3 or 4 on a die when you need 5+, and a 6 is not better than a 5 in that case either. A roll of 2 could be either great or disastrous, depending on circumstance. As for FAME rolls and brilliant coaching/cheering fans, I've not found a good way to calculate success/failure, as the odds of success for player A is dependant on the roll of player B. These events have normalized dice roll luck per now (as in how high numbers you roll compared to average rolls), but I welcome any suggestions for how to treat these for future releases.

There may indeed be bugs in my calculations. I have found quite a few during development, and although I've spent considerable time monitoring the thousands of results I have to make sure it evens out in the long run, I would be surprised if there weren't more bugs in there. Therefore, I invite you all to look over the dice luck window in BB2Replayer and try to find errors, especially should you feel you have been misrepresented in a match or season! I have tried to present data as transparently as possible, and I will look into any criticism with either method or calculation specifics. Don't hesitate to contact me if any of the calculations are unclear.

The BB2Replayer application now has a new luck analyzer window, which you can open either by right-clicking on a match in the main window, or by double-clicking any event in the replay viewer and jump directly to the nearest corresponding luck event. Vice versa, you can double-click (or press enter) on any luck event in the luck analyzer and jump directly to the corresponding event in the replay viewer.

In the luck analyzer, you will find a summary of total match luck for each category of rolls, as well as a log view of all luck events (not all replay events are luck events, since not all replay events involve dice rolls).

The luck analyzer also has a graph view, which defaults to show total match luck as it develops over the course of the match. You may also choose to show/hide any of the individual luck categories. There is an indicator in the graph view (vertical line) that shows which luck event is currently selected. The currently selected event can be changed by either clicking on the graph directly, or selecting a new entry in the luck event log view.

You can also choose to filter luck categories by checking or unchecking the respective categories lined up along the bottom of the window. Right-clicking on a checkbox toggles between selecting all and selecting only that category.

- Replay viewer now actually understands all events, and is finally as functional as I originally intended more than 2 years ago.
- Luck analyzer. This was only possible (in the way I wanted) after understanding all events in my parser.
- Luck sections in Match reports as well as Team Hall of Fame reports.
- Optimizations
  - Hugely improved loading/parsing times
  - Multi-threaded asynchronous parse engine
  - Various new caching solutions
  - New database format
- National characters now work in web reports (UTF8)
- Theme editor: You can now create and save your own colour themes.
  - Please tell me if there are colours you cannot modify, that can be fixed in future releases!
- Search box in log window
- Option to only show errors in log window
- Lots of other fixes and tweaks, too many to list

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