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NOTE: Windows and/or browsers may issue warnings because it's not signed. There's no malware in it, I promise.

If you get a message saying "Windows protected your PC, Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.", this is normal in Windows 8+. It just means I have not bought a certificate for this program.

Click "More info" then "Run anyway".

Latest release:

Version: 0.9.2 - Bugfixes
Released: 2017-12-13
Download: BB2Replayer 0.9.2 installer
- Bug-fixes and tweaks with socket connection in hopes of fixing missing reports bug.

Older releases:

Version: 0.9.1 - Team reports
Released: 2017-12-03
Download: BB2Replayer 0.9.1 installer
- New team report (right-click on team in Standings to find it).
- Some tweaks to other reports.
- Tweaked logging a bit.

Version: 0.9.0 - Web reports overhaul
Released: 2017-11-16
Download: BB2Replayer 0.9.0 installer
- New reports internal API.
- Match reports now include list of perm injuries, scorers, interceptions, spp gained.
- Several changes to layout of competition reports.

Version: 0.8.0 - Legendary Edition
Released: 2017-09-06
Download: BB2Replayer 0.8.0 installer
- Added support for 8 new Legendary Edition teams.
- Some work on the replay viewer (although still very much unfinished).
- Added support for penalty shoot-outs.
- Fixed crash bug if right-clicking certain points of the GUI.
- Various report tweaks.

Version: 0.7.3 - Chaos Dwarf and Khemri teams
Released: 2017-02-26
Download: BB2Replayer 0.7.3 installer
- Added support for Chaos Dwarf and Khemri teams.
- Added Dark Elf Assassin.
- Added Two Heads, Sneaky Git and Hail Mary Pass skills.
- Fixed mixup of sustained vs inflicted interceptions in stats.
- New versions (after this) should in general no longer require a full rebuild of the database.
- Various changes to web reports.
- Some engine tweaks to speed up startup of application.
- Fixed "Unknown NextTurnType 3" error.

Version: 0.7.2 - Bugfix for the bugfix
Released: 2016-12-07
Download: BB2Replayer 0.7.2 installer
- Fixed report URL window again, accidentally broke it in previous version.

Version: 0.7.1 - Bugfixes
Released: 2016-12-06
Download: BB2Replayer 0.7.1 installer
- Fixed crash parsing certain replay files
- Fixed potential race condition crash
- Crash logs are now saved in Documents\bb2replayer, and not in the executable directory

Version: 0.7.0 - Nurgle
Released: 2016-12-05
Download: BB2Replayer 0.7.0 installer
- Added Nurgle support.
- New 'Dead & Retired' web report.
- Introduced League Management to subscribe to only certain leagues and not get everything.
- Re-written logger back-end. Was slow and bulky with large log, should now be more responsive even with sizeable backlog.
- More report tweaks, filled in missing skills, players, injuries, etc.

Version: 0.6.1 - Bugfixes
Released: 2016-11-06
Download: BB2Replayer 0.6.1 installer
- Fixed bug that stopped parsing of certain matches.
- Fixed round ordering in matches report.
- Replay viewer is semi-operational, though still not very usable.

Version: 0.6.0 - WPF
Released: 2016-10-21
Download: BB2Replayer 0.6.0 installer
- Full rewrite of front-end from WinForms to Windows Presentation Foundation.
- Several new races/players/skills added to database.
- Replay viewer window is temporarily non-functional (dummy window).
- Countless other changes.

Version: 0.5.0 - Web reports
Released: 2016-04-14
Download: BB2Replayer 0.5.0 installer
- Client generates and uploads web reports to server

Version: - Robustness
Released: 2016-03-31
Download: BB2Replayer installer
- Improved exception handling
- More informative exception log if things really do go south

Version: - Database inconsistency
Released: 2016-03-30
Download: BB2Replayer installer
- Small fix for File vs Match entries

Version: - Exception handling
Released: 2016-03-30
Download: BB2Replayer installer
- Fixed several issues with exception handling
- No longer stops importing matches if one fails

Version: - Initial release
Released: 2016-03-29
Download: BB2Replayer installer
- Basic sync with server working
- Some stats implemented
- Partial support for replaying match step-by-step